Nobody puts Baby in the corner.

I used to think that all love was this amazing fairytale that ended with Patrick Swayze telling your Dad that “nobody puts baby in the corner” followed by the most amazingly choreographed dance number for the average amateur dancer. Sadly this is not real life. In real life, love is miserable. It’s all-consuming. And it leaves you completely wrecked. You become this shell of a person walking around town like a zombie picking up pieces of your soul. It can take years to feel like you’ve found them and then just like that one happy night you find another person to wreck you. It’s often fast and comes out of nowhere. I’m not sure I’ve ever found actual love. I’ve had a lot of fabricators in my life but I can say that there is one person that I believe could be real, actual, love and well it’s been miserable. Why? I literally did anything for this person. He asked, I said okay, I’ll help. Yes, at the end I felt stupid and used. But I remember that he hates ice cream and only eats sherbet. He doesn’t like confrontation. He has impossibly high standards but doesn’t know how to reach them himself. He is searching for the perfect life but he doesn’t know what that is composed of or how to get it. He has no idea what he’s capable of doing with his life. I’ve spent the last year and half trying to forget him. But one day he walks back into my life. He says Hello and I’m hooked again. All the crap he put me through and the time I’ve spent piecing my soul back together, gone. I cant stop thinking about him. It’s awful. Love is awful. I’m terrified of what I’m feeling. I don’t want to ever feel the way I did when he left the first time. Why can’t that be enough to leave well enough alone? Maybe faith is the answer here. Okay, I left the church a long time ago but maybe faith is the only thing to keep me from going crazy. I feel crazy. Love is crazy. It’s blinding, all-consuming and it will literally take over your life. I hope this isn’t the love everyone’s writes about. It’s awful. I have no desire to live in this love story. It’s too much. I feel like I’m living in a perpetual showing of the sad montage in all romantic comedies. This is torture. Damn you love!

Sometimes it’s okay to be Jackie

I am being an old person tonight and getting cozy with my TV.Pre-wine drinking I decided that although shallow Jackie from that 70’s show was if anything totally confident in herself. Yea, she had her moments of vulnerability but she knew one thing: she loved herself. I have my good days and my bad days and by no means am I on a Jackie level, but the older I get the more I realize I am pretty great and it’s okay to think that, no, it’s normal to think that way. Why do we have to be meek? Better question, how do we have to exude confidence and be the follower in order to attract men? Too much of either and you are crazy. Isn’t that what society has created? I think I have loved myself more now than I ever have in my entire life. Yea, okay I would love to be dating someone but I also love to be alone. It’s THE BEST. I don’t even know where I’m going with this, except that it’s more than okay to LOVE yourself and be a tiny bit obnoxious about it because who else can do that for you?

Also, I took a break from poetry for awhile but I wrote this the other day so enjoy or hate; whatever floats your boat.

Imagination is funny.
It runs wild. Creates problems. Lives between breathes.
It solves great problems. Creates new beginnings.
Imagination is silly.

I imagine you with her. No, not that you.
THE YOU. The oldest, wisest, you-est you.
I imagine you live with her. Not married. Because you would never settle.
You are happy. but you are searching. You don’t know
I search for you.


I search for you there. In that summer,
beneath trees
in pools
by ponds.
I stay but
you will never return.

Yes, the oldest you.
The best YOU.

We sat beneath sky and smiled.
not at each other
but at the thought of a new sky.
I hope you find it.

Problems are good right?

I think that due to recent tumultuous issues I have been thinking only about work. Which lead work to be well stressful. So maybe we should look at life like a liberal arts education. I took my goal this year to improve my relationships. I think I’ve been doing a good job in making new friends. At least I’m trying. But Damn, this is hard. I don’t do well with opening up. I mean sure, I’m a people person. I will talk to a wall if it will listen but I am feeling like I’m missing something. Sure, I’ve put up with a whole 5 years of abusive friendships with needy people that make me sick to my stomach when I think about it…so I don’t ever. But why did I let them abuse me for so long? Seriously. Its the worst feeling in the world to realize something that you treasured and kept close to your heart didn’t give a damn about you. To have to forget vacations, and 5 years of memories. It’s debilitating. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think about something we did together. But that is now a closed chapter I guess. Time to move on. As Jay-Z says: I can move forward the only direction can’t be scared to fail Search and perfection Gotta keep it fresh even when we sexing but don’t be mad at him when he’s on to the next one.

Yes, I heart Jay-Z. Don’t judge me.

Back to the “arts.” I have a lot of books, and most of them are poetry books and anthologies. I have a short attention span so I read a lot of different things at the same time. I was looking at my book shelf and boy do I have quite the eclectic taste. I mean would be lying if I said I read all of them but I will one of these days. Just like I will find someone to replace that guy that took up so much of my time with someone better. I just need to be open about what’s out there. I don’t need to date them all but I can dabble in a few and really get into one if I like it.

As my favorite urban poet Saul Williams says: And these tu lips/ might soon eclipse/ your brightest hopes.

I’m going to hang onto that.

Moving backwards?

It seems that things have grown to be oddly like 10 years ago…after a series of misfortunes I had to move home. The worst possible thing that could happen but maybe I’ll find the strong, fiercely independent girl I once knew. Or rather, the poet who has been eaten by a workaholic. So tonight I’m inviting some nostalgia into my room. Of course, you can’t be nostalgic without wine. Tonight I’m watching Now And Then. A quirky movie starring Christina Ricci and Rosie O’Donnell that makes me long to be 12 again. It occurred to me that this close knit group of girlfriends is rare…I talk to 2 people that I knew at 12…and not often. Every time I see this I want to call them and invite them over for a sleepover. I really miss having unconditional 12 year old friendship…before guys, before booze, before we discovered the cruel world of being an adult.

My favorite character is Roberta…mostly because she didn’t give a fuck that people thought it was weird that she taped her boobs and she had some serious gumption. I always wanted to be like her. I probably align more with the snarky writer who wears bitterness and black. Roberta…she was queen. She single handily won for all woman kind when she beat the crap out of a fat kid who was just mad he couldn’t play ball too. And then she got to make out with Devon Sawa. My 12 year old heart just swooned.

Tini and Samantha had their moment when Samantha got stuck in the storm drain…chasing after a friendship bracelet. That was a BFF. She went after a symbol that kept them close for a lifetime. I miss the simplicity of knowing that if I needed a late night talk I could flashlight message my BFF and we would go hang out in a borrowed treehouse. No regrets and no worries…just two people who are the very definition of what it means to be someone’s friend.

I miss those days. I miss the unconditional love these girls had for each other. The importance of loyalty. The unconditional trust. When I was 12 I never questioned the motives of anyone the way I do now. Especially when it comes to guys.

Anyways, the point is these girls were about the adventure, they fought to find out a mystery. They weren’t swayed by boys or Brendan Frasier who only ever looked like a badass in this movie. But he was right “you can only believe in yourself.” In the end, they all grow up to be fierce women who have mastered their path. Roberta…a doctor, Tini…an actress, Chrissy…a mom, Samantha…a writer.

When was the last time girls of this generation had a beloved movie like this one in their life? I can’t think of any. I only hope the next generation can see the beauty and magic of a summer of mystery and friendship bracelets.

Harry would never get Sally in today’s world

The iconic movie when Harry met Sally in all it’s 1980’s splendor would never work today. Why you ask? Let me enlighten you:

1. Cell phones

We have the ability to ignore your voice message. In the scene where Harry sings to Sally over the phone in a message she hears it on her answering machine and answers to reject him. I have 26 voicemails I have not listened too. Most of them are bill collectors (don’t judge me), but I hate voicemail and delete them before I even listen to them. What’s worse is its visual voicemail so I can do it without even putting the phone to my ear…I mean really its 2013…text me.

2. The hook up

In this day and age casual sex is so common it’s taboo. We sleep with someone before we get to know them as if its a test to see if we actually like them. There is no way in hell that hook up would have happened so late in the game. Even if they were BFFs!
Sally: let’s get white girl wasted tonight!
Harry: j├Ąger bombs! Shots! Shots! Shots! Erebody!!!!
Sally: let’s dance!
3 hours and 10 drinks later
Harry: wanna watch a movie
Sally: YES! Omg can we watch What happens in Vegas!?! ( a totally underrated movie btw).
Harry: uh, yea sure *winks to bartender
Sally: YAY! You are sooo my best friend! Luv you!
Harry: wanna just sleep over…you know Dawson’s creek style?
Sally: yea sure…except can you be Pacey…*winks at Harry

Well you can guess…mistakes are made…she gets clingy. He hits on girls in front of her but they hook up on the regular. It’s dating without the title/general respect. Typical behavior of the twentysomething.

3. The store karaoke scene.

Surrey with a fringe on top?? Really…it would be Xbox Kinnect at best buy. And it would be 100 times more embarrassing. And Sally would see Harry’s lack of rhythm coupled with a spastic version of Bye Bye Bye and that would be the end of that nonsense.

4. Blind date

Writers could never dine in that fancy of a restaurant because they would be bloggers and make zero dollars and have a weird hipster following. And upon Immediate look up of said blog while at the table there would be judgements and fighting…come to think of it…this would make this scene more entertaining because within 10 minutes the two that get married would be sexting.

5. NYE speech

Would go like this:

Sally rolls her eyes upon seeing Harry and immediately gets her phone out and pretends to text while she smiles seductively while she tweets; “zomg…harry is here #stalker! Harry walks up and gives his sappy speech. Sally rolls her eyes Laughs and tweets: lol. Umm in your dreams #loser! Sally leaves cries all the way home because she realizes she loves him! 5 years pass they see each other and have a casual sex relationship until Sally starts dating Derek Jeter. The end.

I know not quite as sweet but the truth. Meg Ryan was too hot for Billy Crystal anyways. That’s why she wore suits and was de-sexualized the whole movie. And yes secretly I would die if this actually happened to me…but life is not a movie and I’m too jaded for that nonsense.

However, powers that be of Hollywood, remake this movie with Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone. Your welcome!

I miss you

I miss you. I am on a wine binge ugly crying over you. You are amazing. You are an asshole. But I’m in love with you. Even though I shouldn’t be and you certainly don’t deserve it. I just fb requested you. I deleted you because I thought I could forget you. I was wrong. I think about you daily. I miss you multiple times in a day. I wish things were not as they are between us. You are perfect. You are worthy and I forgive you. I hope we cross paths again someday because you are it. I don’t want anyone but you.