That Time You liked My Facebook Post

There was a time when things were different.
You did more than like my post…
like that one time the other day.
You used to be different.

You used to wait for me to finish work,
we’d talk about our day.
You’d tell me about all the girls you met
and I pretended it was okay.

We’d meet for drinks
at your convenience and
it would always be late.
I never minded to your face.

I’d smile and nod at your sudden insights.
Stroking your genius because I liked you enough to listen
and no one else did.
I doubt you noticed.

We’d talk for hours laying perfect plans
of course, we never actually followed them.
but we’d dream into our beers
that, naturally, I paid for-

I put you on your very own pedestal!
I hung a banner above you!
I sang your praiseĀ and
ordered fireworks in your honor!

But you never noticed them.
They were not in your vision.
Your mirror was only big enough for you.
And it’s my fault I never noticed.