All these good things at one time is very overwhelming. New job. New friends. New life. I didn’t move but I did take a very big risk. It feels great! I need to do that more! Take more risks. Live with no regrets. Be free. That’s my mantra going into my 30th birthday. I’m going to actively try to finish my book. I envision a trilogy. I’m pretty excited about it. I’m going to stop focusing on my love life, my “friends” and start focusing on my work. Both my new job and my writing. So in light of my new happiness…so weird to be in that state of mind. I’d leave you with a poem but I’ve got nothing ready for the internet. So here’s gibberish.

To A:

To think I believed you when you said.
you’re awesome.
you’re cute as always.
you’re hot.
you’re sweet.
I’m those things, that’s true.
But you don’t get to call me those anymore.
you’re done…she can have you.

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