THE love?

It lands by chance on a leaf
or some bird.
It manifests in midnight tears.
It lives in empty wine bottles,
it makes up my insides.

I keep sending it away.

I never received a thank you.
a miss you.
not even a postcard.
Soon it will be used up on-
stupid men and
dripped out in tears.
It will stain the pages
of all my unrequited lovers.

It is ever fleeting.
It is always for someone else.

I’ve been a tiny bit slacking….

I should thank you
for saving me the trouble
of falling.
God Knows,
I have a hard time getting up.

You’ve barely scratched my armor,
made strong by
broken hearts and fear.
To think I almost took a break.
I’m a constant defender.

You wore a court jester costume
and, even worse, the mask of
some kind of prince.

Who said I needed saving?
Who said you were good enough?
Who Said you could even handle the job?

I’ve given you more than
the punctuation you deserve.