to a ‘you’

The way your hair was not short, but not long
makes me weak.

The way your smile complimented your teeth
made me swoon.

The way you remembered that you hurt me
made me forgive.

The way we fell into old ways
made me hope
for future chapters in our story.

The way you made my day was all I needed;
to move on.

yes, I’m the single friend and I’m a little tired of hearing about your love life…

I’m 28 years old. I have a zero bullshit tolerance level. My dear friend is in a bit of a pickle. She made a bit of a fool of herself in front of her TWO suitors last night. Yes…she has two guys in love with her. Let’s all take a moment to feel bad for her.

 Now forget the fact that I’m trying very hard to be supportive when in fact I believe she needs to make a decision. This is not a TV show. We really don’t care that you can’t choose between Dawson and Pacey. Why? Well aside from the obvious, let’s count the number of suitors I have. *crickets. Yep, I have zero sympathy for you my dear friend. And I think that stringing along these two guys is incredibly mean. No one deserves to be lead on. And no one wants to be the friend that is asked about it 24-7. I don’t care who you date. Just pick one. Be happy. Pick none. Be happy. It’s simple really. A love triangle is not ever going to be like the movies and it’s definitely not fun to watch in real life either. Am I tad jealous? Yes, I’m jealous that she has someone who loves her enough to fight for her. I’m jealous that she has someone to talk to about her day that is not her Mother. I mean I can’t even get a guy to respond to a text message within 15 minutes of receiving it. Yesterday, I bought cat litter and wine at the grocery store. The person at the register gave me a nod in solidarity and said “me too girl.” I love my friend to death. I’d do just about anything she asked, but seriously, make up your mind. I’m over it. And it’s only a matter of time before they both are done trying to win her over.