We are still doing this? Seriously???

You texted me first. Sure in response to the drunk texting I did last night but still you texted me. I responded to said text…it’s Sunday we are both sober, you aren’t at work. Lets recap:
Months of flirting–check
Awkward moments–check
Perfect moments–check
The talk–sort of
The label–not together–check
Sometimes answered booty calls–check
The game has been played and while there is no clear winner. We decided it was over. So tell me again why are you texting me? Or rather why are you texting me sober with the apparent means of just chatting? What do you want? Please, for the love of baseball, tell me…be honest. I can take it.
And also how is “I didn’t make out with anyone random…so it was a good night I guess. But I did drunk text you…sorry about that. But I did warn you that might happen” a devastating, I can’t even respect this person enough to properly end a conversation, statement. Unless you like me…do you like me? Again…what the eff do you want? Just tell me!
You should know that being confusing doesn’t make me want you…it makes me frustrated. You should also I know I have little to no tolerance for bullshit. So do me a favor and make up your mind. But most importantly…learn how to carry on a conversation!