book finalist….and part of a series :)

Structuring You

I wrote you

      in my thesis

      so you may be read.

I wrote your poetry

     across stimulated mountains

     and displayed them

You are the topic


      the peroration

You are the facts,

      opinions, and

      marginalia all at once.

I am your wordsmith

     Editor of verbs

     Giver of adjectives

 You are my proof

      my thoughts

      my poetic you

You argue for

      what I cannot find in me

kinda old…but not read…


its hot as hell she said

and I’m mad as hell he said

it’s not what I want she said

its not what I need he said

He loves her

She loves him

they all said

until the day he

left town with her heart

mad as hell

sad as hell

hot as hell

He left her

with hell

to pay

to give

to hope

to live

Jus warmin up he said

I miss you she said

Get over it he said

fuck you she said

I love you she said

mad as hell she said

hot as hell he said

it’s not what I want he said

it’s not what I need she said

He’s back

She’s smiling

He’s dying

She’s crying

She’s got everything

He’s got nothing.

they all said

hell is hell is hell is hell is

this is hell.

regret or dodging a bullet…

people make mistakes


in the middle of night

the room is hot

heart sweltering

I remember to

miss you.

like the moon

misses night

once a month

raw and wanting

I climb into

the last perfect kiss

and the first perfect

“your eyes are so blue–

its beautiful”

course I embellish

oh Dear,

I hope I

don’t love you.